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UK Parliament calls for crypto regulation

UK Parliament calls for crypto regulation to protect consumers

The All-Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) for Crypto and Digital Assets has released a significant report highlighting the necessity of urgent regulation in the cryptocurrency and digital asset industry. The report, titled ‘Realising Government’s Vision for the UK To Become a Global Hub for Cryptocurrency & Fintech Innovation,’ presents 53 recommendations to the government, addressing crucial areas such as consumer protection, economic crime, and the role of UK regulators. The report marks an important milestone in the efforts to create a comprehensive regulatory framework for the evolving world of digital assets.

Growing Interest and the Need for Regulation

The formation of the APPG reflects the increasing interest and scrutiny that the cryptocurrency sector has garnered within the UK Parliament. The group aims to enhance policymakers’ understanding of digital assets and explores the imperative need for regulation in the industry. With the UK government’s vision to establish itself as a global hub for cryptocurrency investment, the APPG launched an official inquiry in August 2022, seeking input from various stakeholders and experts in the field.

Key Recommendations for Effective Regulation

The APPG’s report emphasizes that the consumer protection risks associated with cryptocurrency necessitate immediate regulation. It advocates for the regulation of digital assets within existing and new financial services frameworks, citing their proven ability to mitigate risks for consumers and investors. The report also stresses the importance of the UK government taking a proactive approach, as other countries are already developing clear regulatory frameworks. To ensure effective oversight, the report suggests that all UK regulators involved in the sector establish dedicated and well-resourced units for cryptocurrency and digital assets.

Coordinated Approach and the Role of a Crypto Tsar

The report emphasizes the need for a coordinated approach across government departments to regulate cryptocurrency, digital assets, and blockchain technologies effectively. It proposes the appointment of a ‘Crypto Tsar’ who can facilitate coordination between departments and ensure a consistent regulatory approach. This collaborative effort would foster innovation while managing risks and protecting consumers within a well-defined regulatory framework.

Industry Perspectives on Regulation

Experts and industry representatives have responded positively to the report’s recommendations. Kate Rhodes, Senior Counsel at Paysafe, commends the report’s focus on bringing the crypto sector into the mainstream through a fit-for-purpose financial regulatory framework. She emphasizes the importance of managing risks, considering the environmental impact, and enhancing digital financial inclusion. Ian Taylor, a board advisor at CryptoUK, appreciates the report’s holistic view of the sector and underscores the need for a clear and bespoke regulatory framework to foster innovation and protect consumers.

Balancing Regulation and Innovation

While regulation is crucial to address risks and protect consumers, it should not stifle innovation. Alisa DiCaprio, Chief Economist at R3, suggests finding a balance that bolsters innovation and strengthens consumer safeguards. This requires collaboration between the public and private sectors to develop targeted and smart regulation that supports the unique attributes of the crypto market.


The release of the APPG’s report on the urgent need for cryptocurrency regulation marks a significant step toward protecting consumers and promoting responsible growth in the sector. Businesses that deal primarily in crypto assets should have certified financial consultants and investment advisors who are regulated and experienced, and FSCS protection should be made available to protect investors. By embracing effective regulation, the UK can position itself as a leader in financial innovation, fostering a thriving digital assets ecosystem while safeguarding consumer interests. The successful implementation of the report’s recommendations will be crucial in realizing the government’s vision of the UK becoming a global hub for cryptocurrency and fintech innovation.

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