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Discovering Stocks to Invest In: Midcap Investments

Discovering Stocks to Invest In: Midcap Investments

Looking for the best growth stocks to buy now? Midcap stocks can offer a perfect blend of growth potential and stability. These stocks represent companies successfully traversing the initial growth stage, demonstrating strong fundamentals and steady gains.

This article will delve into nine midcap stocks to invest in that have been making waves in the market. Each stock has shown promising growth trends from Can Fin Homes to Thermax. So, let’s take a closer look at these stocks, their recent performance, and the factors driving their success.

Can Fin Homes

Can Fin Homes (NSE: CANFINHOME) have been a standout performer in the midcap segment, attracting the attention of astute investors. Today, the stock trades at INR 550 per share, exhibiting a remarkable 20% gain over the last quarter. The company provides housing finance solutions and has benefited from India’s booming real estate sector. With a robust loan portfolio and a strong presence across the country, Can Fin Homes promise steady growth and attractive returns for investors.

CMS Info Systems

CMS info systems (NSE: CMSINFO) is a leading player in cash management and ATM services. The stock has witnessed a meteoric rise in recent months, currently trading at INR 1,200 per share, a staggering 25% increase from the previous quarter. As the demand for secure and efficient cash management solutions continues to surge, CMS info systems stand poised to capitalize on this growing market. With a wide range of services and a strong customer base, this midcap stock offers investors an exciting growth opportunity.

One of The Best Stocks to Invest In: Indian Hotels

Indian Hotels (NSE: INDHOTEL) is a well-known name in the hospitality industry, operating a chain of premium hotels across India and abroad. The stock has been on a winning streak, currently priced at INR 220 per share, reflecting an impressive 18% appreciation in the last quarter. As domestic and international travel rebounds post-pandemic, Indian hotels are primed to benefit from the surge in demand for luxury accommodations. Its strong brand presence, excellent service standards, and strategic expansion plans make it an enticing investment prospect.

Kajaria Ceramics

Kajaria Ceramics (NSE: KAJARIACER) is a market leader in the Indian ceramic tile industry, renowned for its superior quality and innovative designs. The stock has consistently gained ground, trading at INR 1,400 per share, marking a substantial 22% increase over the past quarter. With the Indian real estate and construction sectors witnessing a revival, Kajaria Ceramics is set to capitalize on the increased demand for tiles and sanitaryware. This midcap stock presents investors with an opportunity to ride the wave of the infrastructure boom.

One of The Best Stocks to Invest In: Polycab India

Polycab India (NSE: POLYCAB) is a prominent electrical wires and cables player, enjoying a strong market presence. The stock has been soaring high, currently valued at INR 2,800 per share, exhibiting an impressive 30% growth in the last quarter. With the Indian government’s focus on infrastructure development and electrification projects, Polycab India is in a favorable position to leverage these opportunities. As the demand for electrical solutions escalates, this midcap stock holds tremendous potential for investors.

Prestige Estate

Prestige Estates (NSE: PRESTIGE) is a leading real estate developer in India, specializing in residential, commercial, and retail projects. The stock has been on an upward trajectory. It is currently at INR 450 per share, registering a substantial 25% gain over the previous quarter. Prestige Estates’ strong brand equity is diverse.

Investing in Supreme Industries Stocks

Supreme Industries (NSE: SUPREMEIND) is a leading player in India’s plastic and packaging industry. The company offers innovative products across various sectors, including packaging, consumer products, and automotive. As of today, Supreme Industries has seen steady growth in its stock price, reflecting the company’s strong fundamentals. The current stock price is ₹1,250.

Supreme Industries has been consistently delivering robust financial performance. The company has experienced steady revenue growth, driven by its diverse product portfolio and expanding customer base.

Syngene International

Syngene International (BSE: 539268) is India’s leading contract research organization (CRO). The company offers a comprehensive range of integrated discovery and development services, catering to the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and agrochemical sectors. With the increasing demand for research and development services, Syngene International has emerged as a significant player in the industry. The current stock price is at ₹760.


Thermax (BSE: 500411) is India’s leading energy and environment solutions provider. The company offers many products and services, including boilers, heaters, chillers, and wastewater treatment systems. Thermax serves various industries, including power, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, and manufacturing.

Unlocking Substantial Returns: Exploring Midcap Stocks

In conclusion, while these stocks show promise, investing in stocks in the midcap segment can unlock substantial returns by staying informed and making well-informed investment choices.

Remember, investing in stocks involves risks, and it is advisable to consult with a financial advisor or conduct further research before making any investment decisions, including determining the right stock to invest in. Happy investing!

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