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How to Grow Your Wealth in 2023!

Investors and traders must utilize sensible trading strategies, intelligent portfolio management, and vigilant risk governance to stay ahead in today’s fast-paced, liquid markets. In this article, renowned and legendary trader Michele Schneider outlines ten themes that will shape and drive the markets in 2023 and into a new era.

She predicts gold prices could double!

Central banks’ failed policies possibly leading to more economic chaos, add the weakening of the U.S. dollar, but those are just a couple of market drivers to watch. Mish outlines the Commodity Super Cycle and analyzes several commodities, including Silver (SLV), highlighted in the chart above. She also investigates Technology.

Silver (SLV) has dominated the price ratio over Technology since last summer, as seen by the chart’s current downward trend. The chart highlights the possibility that tech stocks might lose more ground to precious metals if the current price gap persists. Several factors, including inflation, industrial demand, low inventories, market tightness, and the gold-silver price ratio at near historic levels, lead Mish to believe Silver’s price is likely to increase dramatically in 2023. Her examination of geopolitical challenges, climate change, inflationary pressure, social unrest, government expenditures, together with how retail investor’s behavior will evolve points to more turmoil in 2023.

And the best part is that she provides over 50 charts to provide readers a visual perspective of these events. Also including her Top Stock Picks for 2023! Unlocking your potential for profiting from these trends could be easier than you think – get your free 2023 Market Outlook here.

Click here if you’d like a complimentary copy of Mish’s 2023 Market Outlook E-Book in your inbox. For more detailed trading information, contact Rob Quinn, our Chief Strategy Consultant, to learn more about Mish’s Premium trading service.

“I grew my money tree and so can you!” – Mish Schneider

Get your copy of Plant Your Money Tree: A Guide to Growing Your Wealth and a special bonus here.

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Mish in the Media

In this special StockCharts TV presentation, Mish teaches you how to use four simple and reliable key indicators to help you catch big swings in the market.

In this appearance on Business First AM, Mish discusses why she’s picking Nintendo (NTDOY).

Mish sits down with Gav Blaxberg for a W.O.L.F podcast on what she has learned as a trader and teacher.

In this appearance on Business First AM, Mish explains how even the worst trade should not be too bad with proper risk management.

In this appearance on Real Vision, Mish joins Maggie Lake to share her view of the most important macro drivers in the new year, where she’s targeting tradeable opportunities, and why investors will need to keep their heads on a swivel. Recorded on December 7, 2022.

Mish sits down with CNBC Asia to discuss why all Tesla (TSLA), sugar, and gold are all on the radar.

Read Mish’s latest article for CMC Markets, titled “Two Closely-Watched ETFs Could Be Set to Fall Further“.

Mish talks the current confusion in the market in this appearance on Business First AM.

Mish discusses trading the Vaneck Vietnam ETF ($VNM) in this earlier appearance on Business First AM.

ETF Summary

S&P 500 (SPY): 377 support, 385 resistance.Russell 2000 (IWM): 170 pivotal support, 180 resistance.Dow (DIA): 325 support, 335 resistance.Nasdaq (QQQ): 260 support, 269 resistance.Regional banks (KRE): 55 support, resistance 61.Semiconductors (SMH): 200 support, 209 resistance.Transportation (IYT): 211 is pivotal support, 222 now resistance.Biotechnology (IBB): 127 is pivotal support, 134 overhead resistance. Retail (XRT): 57 pivotal support, 63 now resistance.

Mish Schneider

Director of Trading Research and Education

Wade Dawson

Portfolio Manager

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